My Top 7 Midsize Luxury SUV Rankings

My Top 7 ranking of Midsize Luxury SUV's.

mid size luxury SUV

There are seven truly amazing Luxury SUV’s that immediately come to mind when it comes to the 2023 range of midsize models that can handle Australia’s worst roads and let you do so in great comfort.

Although the market appears to be overflowing with Luxury Midsize SUV options in 2023, once we analyse and review my six factors for ultimate value, which are: (1) performance, (2) driveability, (3) visibility, (4) practicality, (5) grandeur and (6) Price & Warranty of each vehicle, narrowing the field to only seven becomes much easier.

1.     What is my measure of Midsize Luxury SUV performance?

A luxury SUV should have above-average performance on sealed roads, with impressive acceleration and sports car-like handling, as well as the ability to withstand the punishment that varying off-road conditions can dish out.   When performing off-road performance testing, the vehicle should not feel as if it is about to fall apart due to excessive shaking.   Quality and robust suspension, as well as high quality all terrain tyres capable of handling punishing off-road conditions, and reasonably high performance cornering for an SUV, should be included by manufacturers.

2.    How can you determine the drivability of a Midsize Luxury SUV?

My personal metric for SUV drivability differs slightly from the standard metric.  For this type of vehicle, I believe driveability is a measure of how smooth and steady the vehicle is under acceleration as well as braking.   The automatic transmission should provide smooth and seamless gear changes.   When applying gradual pressure to the brake pedal, it should feel firm and the brakes should feel solid.  In my opinion, the drivability aspects should be evaluated on both an unsealed dirt road and a sealed bitumen road, with the average of the two results used.

3.    What is meant by the visibility of a Midsize Luxury SUV?

The visibility of an SUV is determined by how far the driver can see outside the vehicle in all directions.   This precaution entails being able to recognise the surroundings and terrain of the vehicle, as well as having a clear view of all nearby objects and traffic.  Poor visibility in an SUV may raise the possibility of an accident, collision, loss of control, or instability. Going off road and exploring uncharted territory in an SUV; with poor visibility can be risky because it makes it difficult to recognise when to quickly slow down, stop suddenly, or swerve in order to avoid dangers.

4.    Why is practicality important for a Midsize Luxury SUV?

A midsize luxury SUV’s practicality is determined by how accommodating the vehicle is for humans of all shapes and sizes, as well as their hot and cold drinks, food, luggage, and sporting equipment.   A midsize luxury SUV’s level of practicality must be high due to the large audience it serves. They are equally popular among university students, professional athletes, business owners, Uber drivers, and your parents and grandparents.   Storage spaces, boot sizes, legroom front and back, and headroom are all critical for these vehicles, and they must be packed with very useful features that make life a little easier.

5.    How is grandeur measurable for a Midsize Luxury SUV?

The first thing I look for when purchasing a luxury vehicle is how quietly the doors close.   The soft-close doors on Audis are amazing, and in my opinion, if you’re going to claim that a vehicle is in the luxury category, you’ve got to be able to offer quiet closing doors.   With that aside, when it comes to measuring the grandeur of a Midsize Luxury SUV, it comes down to a combination of quality styling, material choices, quiet engine bays, minimal road noise, cutting-edge technology, hugely adjustable electric seats with warmers, drink holders that comfortably take a large latte from Maccas, and just how far the manufacturer was willing to go to offer all the latest and most elegant features to make your drive easy, pleasurable, and unique. Vehicles in this category should be built with high-quality parts, including expensive interior materials. A midsize luxury SUV is all about how enjoyable and comfortable it is to drive, as well as how envious your friends are that you were the first to get one.

6.    What are the average starting prices for each Midsize Luxury SUV and how much warranty do they come with standard?  I will round up all prices to the nearest hundred.

(1)          Haval H6, starts at around $34,000, come with a 7 Year unlimited kilometre warranty.

(2)         Genesis GV70, starts at around $68,500, come with a 5 Year unlimited kilometre warranty. 10yrs/100,000kms for the power-train.

(3)         Volvo XC60, starts from around $73,000, come with a 5 Year unlimited kilometre warranty

(4)         Land Rover Discovery, starts from around $99,900, come with a 5 Year unlimited kilometre warranty

(5)         Hyundai Tucson starts from around $34,500, come with a 5 Year unlimited kilometre warranty

(6)         Lexus NX, starts from around $73,100, come with a 5 Year unlimited kilometre warranty

(7)         Audi SQ5, starts from around $110,900, come with a 5 Year unlimited kilometre warranty

Below is my personal top seven rankings for Midsize Luxury SUV’s in Australia.  I’ve based my rankings on the six factors I set out to review, as well as a difficult to explain review factor that’s my personal impression of how these vehicles will perform in rural Australia.   In addition, I considered tyre price and availability, spare parts costs, servicing costs, each vehicle’s ability to ‘beef up’ its off-road capability, and how great I personally think each one looks.

I think no matter which way you ever slice it, a person’s review of any vehicle will have a lot of personality and personal preference thrown in.

All seven of these vehicles are incredible in their own right, and I believe anyone would be lucky to own any of them.

I would certainly be nice to win lotto and build a big enough garage to accommodate all seven of them.

Here are my top 7 ranked Luxury Midsize SUVs for Australian conditions.

1.     Genesis GV70

2.    Volvo XC60

3.    Audi SQ5

4.    Hyundai Tucson

5.    Haval H6

6.    Lexus NX

7.    Land Rover Discovery Sport

It would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on how you personally rank these 7 vehicles; please share your thoughts in the comments.

Why is Mid Sized Luxury SUV Visibility Discussed So Much?

Mid-sized luxury SUVs have more visibility than you might expect because they are larger than many other cars.   The typical high levels of visibility enjoyed by Mid Sized luxury SUV drivers is enabled via higher seating positions and bigger front, side, and back windows. Because some mid-sized SUVs may have blind spots, small rear windows, thick pillars, or low rooflines that can block the view, not all mid-sized SUVs offer the same level of visibility.   

The lack of visibility can affect a prospective Mid Sized Luxury SUV buyer.  It makes a lot of sense that many people probably spend a lot of time discussing the visibility of various mid-sized luxury SUVs because they can be rather expensive and people are just trying to find the best all-round deal for their requirements.

Another reason for the increased interest in mid-sized luxury SUV visibility on the internet is that mid-sized SUVs are becoming increasingly popular in countries such as Australia. They provide a good balance of space, practicality, performance, and style, which appeals to a large proportion of current vehicle buyers.  

In conclusion, mid-sized luxury SUV visibility is a hot topic on the internet because it is an important aspect of driving safety and enjoyment, as well as the fast growing popularity of mid-sized SUVs overall.

The new Turbocharged Subaru Outback Touring.

Although, the 2023 Subaru Outback is probably not classified as a Mid Sized Luxury SUV, but I’ve got to say that the newest batch seem to be getting very close to this level.   The Subaru Outback has always been known for its great visibility, thanks to its large windscreen, slim roof pillars, and wide windows, but with Subaru raising the ride height to 8.7 inches, the driver will have better visibility all-around. It also includes EyeSight, a suite of driver assistance features that can assist you in avoiding accidents.   The new update, which includes a new 2.4-liter turbocharged engine, improved suspension, a dual-function X-MODE, front and rear tow hooks, and an 11.6-inch touch-screen, has many tongues wagging, including mine.

They are priced to appeal to a broad market, with a price tag of around $51,000, which is a very reasonable price when you consider how much safety and technology Subaru packs into the Outback Touring models.   Auto emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, rear parking sensors, rear-seat reminder, and reversing camera are all standard features, making this a car you’ll undoubtedly notice a lot in your town or suburb.   The towing capacity has been increased to 2.4 tonnes, and as you come to expect with the Outback there is still plenty of cargo space for travellers.   The outback has a lot to offer drivers of all ages, and it is more versatile and refined than many other vehicles on the road.   It’s difficult to ignore the consistently high safety ratings these vehicles receive, and they finally seem to have gotten it right with this vehicle.   They appear to have considered every aspect, including price, performance, driveability, visibility, practicality, reasonable grandeur, and a 5-year unlimited-kilometre Subaru Warranty.

Just in case you are also interested in Full Size Luxury SUV’s?

If you’re looking for a full-size luxury SUV and you can afford it, you might want to look at the Audi Q7.  Full-size luxury SUV’s such as the Q7 have more spacious cabins, dynamic engine options, and advanced cutting-edge technology to ensure a comfortable ride for all occupants. These vehicles have plenty of cargo space without sacrificing their luxurious appearance.

The Audi Q7, which is a stunningly gorgeous vehicle, has fantastic performance and can provide incredibly roomy and elegant transportation for seven passengers.

When it comes to the larger luxury SUV’s, the 2023 Audi Q7 is probably my top choice.   The Audi Q7, with seating for up to seven passengers, is an opulent option in the full-size luxury SUV market.   The Q7’s drivability, performance and grandeur ratings are off the charts in my opinion.  Audi has given the exterior and interior a big redesign and it has certainly paid off.

It can reach 100 kph in around 6 seconds and is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive as standard. The interior of the Q7 exudes luxury, with top-tier materials, cutting-edge technology, and an incredible sound system.

The Audi Q7 price starts at around $108,500 and is backed by a 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty and there’s plenty of room inside for your dog/s if you decide to travel around Australia with them.

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