The Best Work Ute Ever Made

The best work ute ever made

Was this Work Ute the best one ever made?

The subject of today’s article is the absolutely brilliant Australian made 2008 Ford Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute and whether it is the best work Ute ever made in Australia.

When it comes to work vehicles, Australians have always had a special place in their hearts for the trusty Ute. Among the many Ute models that have graced the roads of Australia, one stands out as the epitome of reliability, versatility, and performance – the 2008 Ford Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute. Below we’ll explore the features and specifications that made this Ute a favourite among tradespeople, which has a lot of people thinking that quite possibly it was the best work Ute ever built in Australia.

These amazing Utes sold for around $34,000 when new and if you search around on sites like you can probably pick a good one up for around $6,000 these days.

Older utes, like this one, are less expensive to buy, maintain, and insure than newer 4×4 utes.   They have lower ground clearance and tray height, making it easier to reach your tools and materials in the back.   They are simpler and more dependable than newer 4×4 vehicles, which have more complex electronic and mechanical systems that can fail or malfunction.  

The 2008 Ford Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute has great performance.

The 2008 Ford Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute boasted a powerful engine that provided exceptional performance on both city streets and rugged worksites. With its 4.0L six-cylinder engine, this Ute delivered a perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency. Whether you needed to transport heavy loads or navigate challenging terrains, the Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute never failed to deliver.

This particular Ute as designed for LPG fuel only and came standard with the 4 speed auto transmission.  

The Australia built Ford 4.0L six-cylinder engine.

This engine, also known as the Barra engine, is widely regarded as one of the most reliable ever built due to its strength, durability, and longevity.  The Ozzie-built Ford 4.0L six-cylinder Barra engine is an excellent choice for a work vehicle due to its strong bottom end, which can handle a lot of power and torque. This engine features a smooth and refined dual overhead cam (DOHC) cylinder head with variable cam timing and four valves per cylinder, resulting in improved performance and efficiency.   It has proven itself to be tough and long-lived, with many drivers reporting their engines going well beyond the 100,000-mile mark with proper maintenance. It also has a huge aftermarket support, with many conversion kits, tuning options, and performance parts.

The Impressive Features of the 2008 Ford Falcon RTV BF Mk II Ute.

Designed with the needs of tradespeople in mind, this Ute came equipped with a range of features that made it a dream to work with. Some of the standout features included:

1.    Spacious Super Cab: The Super Cab design provided ample space for both passengers and cargo. With its extended cab and rear-hinged doors, accessing tools and equipment was a breeze. The generous interior space ensured that even the tallest tradesperson could comfortably sit in the Ute, making long journeys between jobs a pleasure.

2.   Rugged Exterior: The Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute had a tough and durable exterior that could withstand the rigors of any worksite. Its high ground clearance and reinforced chassis allowed it to handle rough terrain effortlessly. Whether it was navigating construction sites or venturing off-road, this Ute was up to the task.

3.   Cargo Flexibility: Tradespeople often require a Ute that can adapt to their ever-changing needs. The Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute delivered on this front with its versatile cargo space. The tray bed offered ample room for transporting tools, materials, and equipment. Additionally, the Ute featured tie-down points and a durable bed liner, ensuring that everything stayed secure during transit.

4.   Advanced Safety Features: Safety is paramount, especially when using a vehicle for work purposes. The Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute prioritised safety with features such as ABS brakes, traction control, and dual front airbags. These safety measures provided peace of mind to tradespeople, knowing that they were protected on the road.

What this Ute is so popular with Tradespeople.

Tradespeople across Australia have hailed the 2008 Ford Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute as the best work Ute ever made. Its combination of performance, features, and reliability made it the go-to choice for those in the trade industry. The Ute’s powerful engine allowed tradespeople to tackle any job with confidence, while its spacious Super Cab and cargo flexibility ensured that tools and equipment could be transported with ease.

Furthermore, the Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute’s rugged exterior and advanced safety features provided peace of mind in challenging work environments. Whether it was used on construction sites, in rural areas, or for general trade work, this Ute proved itself time and time again.

What if you wanted to convert this LPG vehicle to run on Petrol?

It is possible to convert vehicles that run purely on LPG to run on unleaded petrol, but the process may vary depending on the type of engine and fuel system. The process involves removing the LPG tank, lines, injectors, and other components from the vehicle initially.   Then they will install a petrol fuel tank, pump, filter, injectors, and other components in their place.  The will then adjust the ignition timing, fuel pressure, and air-fuel ratio to suit the petrol fuel.   Testing the vehicle for performance, emissions, and safety will then follow.

However, converting a vehicle from LPG to petrol may not be worth the cost and effort, as there are some disadvantages of petrol compared to LPG, such as higher fuel price and lower fuel economy.  It will also cause your vehicle to have higher exhaust emissions and engine wear.

I’m not absolutely certain but I have heard that there are some tax incentives and more deductions available to LPG utes but you will have to check with your accountant.

There are still around 2,400 servos in Australia that sell LPG and there’s nothing definitive I can find about LPG supply stopping any time soon.   For my mind, I would leave it as an LPG only vehicle until you have to change it.

Therefore, before deciding to convert your vehicle, you should weigh the pros and cons of both fuels and consult a qualified mechanic for advice.

In conclusion, the 2008 Ford Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute truly earned its reputation as the best work Ute ever built in Australia. With its unmatched performance, impressive features, and the seal of approval from tradespeople, it remains a testament to the excellence of Australian automotive engineering.   So, if you’re a tradesperson looking for a reliable and versatile work Ute, look no further than the 2008 Ford Falcon RTV BF Mk II Auto Super Cab Ute. It’s a vehicle that shouldn’t let you down any time soon.

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